What can you do as
a parent/carer to support your child in preparing them for their future when in
‘the world of work’. There are many areas of school life that can be 联系d to
the work place and if we can support students in this understanding, hopefully
their transition into work will not be such a

  • Good attendance and punctuality are essential to ensure that your child benefits from access to the curriculum in school. 但也, when applying for employment/college/university their attendance records will support their application
  • Maybe your work place would support your child when work experience is requested, we find many families are able to sort this out.
  • Try to attend Parents Evenings as much as possible, this is the perfect opportunity for us to find out about any issues that your child may be having which could be preventing them from accessing information to support them.
  • Encourage your child to take part in as many extracurricular activities as possible, e.g. youth clubs, scouts, guides, martial arts, sports 联系d activities, drama, dance,etc., this is a perfect way of enhancing their employability skills as this helps to build confident individuals who are able to converse with a variety of people. These can enhance C.V.’s and also University, College and Apprenticeship applications.
  • Support your child at any appointments, either in school or for University, College, Employment.

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